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Full of FLAVA – check out the Junction’s EAT STREETS

Full of FLAVA – check out the Junction’s EAT STREETS

Hungry? Thirsty? You’ll find something for all tastes in the Junction.

Along Noosa Drive, Sunshine Beach Road, Arcadia Street, Lanyana Way and Cooyar Streets and laneways in between, you’ll find funky bars, casual cafes and a range of restaurants, takeaways and specialty produce stores. There’s a new breed on the streets, along with long-standing favourites.

New to the Junction this summer :
 Village Bicycle in Sunshine Beach Road
Canteen, now open nights
Moto Bar in Noosa Drive
Haru Korean Kitchen in Arcadia Street
Xocolat Noosa Chocolate Café 
The Stacked Pantry
Stellarossa  at Noosa Fair

and watch this space for our new Margarita Bar in Arcadia St opening soon.

We like to think we’re Noosa’s coffee capital!

The Junction boasts a band of baristas just ready to make your favourite brew. And when it comes to food - no boring FLAVAs here. Our restaurants, cafes and bars serve up a range of FLAVA’s from around the world – drop by for a bite of tapas, tostadas and tacos, traditional and modern Japanese, Korean hotpots, fine French cuisine, mouth-watering home-made pasta, street food, spicy Laksa’s, Rendangs, Roti, Vindaloos and Pad-Thai just for starters.

For those with a sweet tooth, we have artisan chocolatiers, pastry chefs, gelato bas or if you’re after a place to quench your thirst there’s sure to be a bevvy with your name on it at one of our bars…from craft beers to creative cocktails, milkshakes and smoothies. The Junction caters to all tastes, ages and budgets.

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