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Meet the faces behind the businesses at Noosa Junction.
Maya and Rebecca own and manage Pin Up Paradise, a gorgeous feminine boutique on Sunshine Beach Rd.

Who are we?

Local designers Maya Ruve (Razzama Dazzle) and Rebecca Brimblecombe (Siren Clothing) have been long standing friends through their mutual love of vintage inspired fashion. With a combined 28 years of designing and making clothing inspired by the 1950s, they decided to join together to create a gorgeous, feminine boutique where every customer is treated with the personal attention they deserve.

Siren, the label, was first established in 1979, while Rebecca was still attending the London College of Fashion, when she designed and made silk and lace ‘pirate shirts’ for a friend’s shop in the King’s Road in Chelsea. While having always been obsessed with the styles of yesteryear for her own personal wardrobe, it wasn’t until the early 2000’s that Rebecca’s ‘Siren Clothing’ was re-branded as a vintage-inspired label.

Razzama Dazzle has been established since 2006. This was when Maya started selling her unique range of Underwear & Clothing at Eumundi Markets. Maya has been fascinated in all things Pin Up and Burlesque since she was 15 years of age. Her label has developed over the last 10 years and is inspired by all things retro and vintage.

What do we do ? 

“We like to offer personal customer service that is reassuringly-feminine, comfortable and fun. Our shop is a wonderful place for someone to come in feeling average and leave feeling fabulous. We would like to contribute to making the Sunshine Coast a better place to dress up and have some fun with looking wonderful.” said Maya Ruve, designer of Razzama Dazzle.

What makes us different?
Pin Up styles look fabulous and feminine on women of all shapes, sizes and ages….emphasising the positive attributes and minimising the less-so positive!

Our customers have tired of throwaway ‘fashion’ which only contributes to the unsustainable waste mountain and exploitation of factory workers providing cheap labour. They want styles that last and never date, in good quality fabrics . Clothes which are well-made and designed to fit properly.

They often remark that Pin Up Paradise is a welcome refreshing change from the usual beach wear and sombre colours seen in so many other shops.

One lady remarked that she’d been waiting ages for a shop like ours to finally open in Noosa Junction!

Why did we choose Noosa Junction for our business?
Noosa is one of the most beautiful places to work in Australia ,with a near-perfect coastal climate and relaxed lifestyle. Noosa Junction is really the heart of Noosa and currently in the throes of a new comeback with the emergence of many new interesting and independent small businesses opening in the local area. Pin Up Paradise provides a refreshing change to Noosa’s fashion style.

We love the Junction because… it’s the perfect fit for Pin Up Paradise. 

Our favourite place for coffee in the Junction is…. The Stacked Pantry, right next door for convenience! Itai  turns out a fabulous Latte.....delivered with his infectious smile

Visit Maya and Rebecca at their Junction store at 28 Sunshine Beach Rd.  Click here for their Facebook page

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